July 20, 2024

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Closed trailer thieves thwart GPS trackers

Closed trailer thieves thwart GPS trackers

With the number of thefts from closed trailers on the rise, more owners in Ontario are installing security devices such as GPS trackers. But as in a game of cat and mouse, thieves adapt and succeed in thwarting these extra measures.

In a 20-year career, trailer dealership owner Action trailersShane Thompson has never seen such a dramatic increase in the number of thefts from enclosed trailers.

Unfortunately, this has become very common, especially in the last five or six yearsFrom this founder said StrathroyIn the suburbs London.

Almost every week we hear stories of people having their enclosed trailers stolen.

If they are stolen more often, especially because of their increasing value. An enclosed trailer that was once worth $3,000 is now worth $6,000Explains Shane Thompson.

To solve this, owners use GPS trackers, which allow the police to follow the trail of thieves. But even these tools are sometimes not enough, as some employers are learning to their dismay.

Spent $4000 for nothing

Nicholas Waldram, who runs a gutter installation and repair company, was one of the unfortunate homeowners.

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