July 23, 2024

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Clothing and Transportation | Press

Clothing and Transportation |  Press

Shop your closets and drawers. Fashion changes, but year after year holiday dresses always look the same with sequins, satin and velvet. This is another budget item that is easy to eliminate.

Miss Thrifty has found an ingenious idea for many of her family and office celebrations: substitution. Her partner also adopted her. Last year she wore her dress the party Her skirt in the office and family. This year, these outfits will catch the eye of those close to you.

“Every year I change clothes between them Parties, which means that no one will notice it in photos on social networks, explains the creator of the site miseconom.ca, whose real name is Marilyn Gagne. My boyfriend rotates shirts between family, office and friend’s parties. »

Although she blows out the candles in May, her daughter wears the same outfit for Christmas and her birthday. “I try not to have a red theme,” explains the Quebec-based mother.

“My daughter Adele loved big dresses and glamorous dresses,” recalls Marcia Pilote. One Christmas, she wore a flower girl dress, but recycled it. Kids will love their princess Halloween costumes. You can add Christmas ornaments to them and it becomes a Christmas outfit. »

Photo by Sarah Monge-Birkett, Law Press Archives

Caroline Cadorette, aka Miss Couponing

We don’t need to dress in a new kit. Last year, we did one the party Pajamas. We are going to celebrate with family to be good.

Caroline Cadorette, aka Miss Couponing

Don’t forget about transportation

Transportation is an often-forgotten budget item. But going to family, friends and office parties will increase the expenses.

If family harmony allows… the most economical solution is to have everyone gather in one place to celebrate just once.

Otherwise, there’s good old carpooling and public transportation. Also, if you can plan your celebration on free transit days, even better. In many cities, public transport will be free on December 24 and 31. In others, it is December 25 and 1er January

“My son transports people with Uber. He was able to save for his travels, Caroline Cadorette said. I often see messages in “spotted” cities on Facebook: “I’m going to Quebec, do you have a place?” You should not be ashamed. It is worth helping each other, especially this year. »

Five tips to get there

  • Brag about how you found your $2 Christmas dress at the community center or thrift store.
  • Do as teenagers do, change clothes for the evening.
  • Enter contests to win products or experiences.
  • Complete surveys that provide points for drawings.
  • During a party, when everyone is hot, turn down the heat before opening the windows.


Quebec Finance Minister Eric Girard announced on November 7, “We are not in a recession, but we are in a very difficult period that can certainly be described as stagnation. The next six months will be very difficult. » Those who dare to call you hawkish this year may recall the minister’s observation. An inappropriate comment in an age of inflation. , or?

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