July 19, 2024

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Controversial Iowa Representative Steve King loses the primary race

Controversial Iowa Representative Steve King loses the primary race

Iowa’s conservative Congressman Steve King was voted out of the House.

Long known for controversial comments, she lost the primary race Tuesday to state Sen. Randy Feinstra, according to a local NBC affiliate.

King was sidelined by many on both sides of the aisle last year for his “Western Civilization” comments, and the council removed him from the group and prevented President Trump from traveling in the Air Force.

King’s 17-year congressional career was limited by his strong anti-immigrant stance, although Feinstra was able to win him the state’s 4th congressional district, shaping King as a worthless legislator after losing his group seat in a House. Des Moines Record Report.

“I’m really humbled,” Feinstra said Success tweets Tuesday afternoon. “Thank you to every single person who supported us on this journey. You gave in. But tomorrow, it’s back to work.”

In a town hall last May, King said that Western culture is superior to others: “If we think that every culture is equal and that we have an equal contribution to our civilization, then we value the contributions of the people to the foundation of the United States, which is our founding fathers. “

Earlier, in an interview with the New York Times in January, he questioned why a term like “white supremacist” was racist.

“White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization – how did that language offend?” He said in the paper.

When King leaves, Republicans are unlikely to lose the seat. After the success of Feintzra, Cook’s political statement Changed its forecast For the district this November, from “likely” Republican to “solid” Republican.

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Feinstra will face off against Des Moines real estate developer Democrat Teresa Greenfield in the general election.

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