July 20, 2024

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Do you still order from Temu?

Do you still order from Temu?

As Temu faces new business, we would like to know if you, for your part, should continue using this e-commerce platform. This is our poll of the week.

As we're in the midst of the summer sales season, an important deal is rocking the e-commerce world. In fact, according to the Arkansas Attorney General, “ Temu claims to be an online shopping platform, but it is a dangerous malware“.

A serious charge against Temu, a relatively young e-commerce platform and already at the center of some controversy. The company has already appeared before European justice after consumer associations identified a lack of transparency with consumers.

In the United States, the charges relate to not respecting private data. Temu actually accesses in a secret manner,to virtually all data on a user's cell phone“.

The company released a press release in which it defended itself from all these allegations, denying their veracity and declaring its adherence to the laws. However, we can easily imagine that the team's image will inevitably suffer. However, the rapid rise in popularity of this e-commerce platform is well known, reminiscent of Wish's rise to power a few years ago.

Are you continuing to buy at Temu?

This is how we come to our question this week: Do you continue to buy products at Temu? If you would like to participate in this modest survey, please use the dedicated module below.

In the process, you can use the comments section of this article to support your answer if you wish. With respect and kindness of course.

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