July 20, 2024

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Donald Trump: Best President of All Time

Donald Trump: Best President of All Time

Since publishing his identification photo, the former president and hopeful for the Republican nomination has filled his coffers by selling products sourced from Cheesy.

Despite being accused, Agent Orange leads his bleating troops like a guru.

Trumpist: The Chosen Club

From his first election campaign.. Donald Attracts observers of the political world.

Studies of his supporters follow one another and show that his militant base is less educated than his Republican opponents and Democrats.

Every time I read the eulogy of a fan of Trump-the-bad-loser, Trump-the-prejudices, I wonder if his admirers understand that they are willingly associating themselves with a group that lacks training.

Note, the same thing has already been seen from conservatives and supporters of right-wing parties everywhere. By increasing your level of knowledge and your reasoning ability, it suddenly becomes clear to you that these politicians only promote anger and divide people.

The idol of many Quebecers

Quebec society differs from American society in many respects, that much is clear.

Why, then, are so many Quebecers hailing the former president as a Nobel laureate in economics?

The man treated women like commodities, he employed many illegal workers in inhumane conditions, several of his companies declared bankruptcy to the tune of nearly $2 billion, and yet, there are still some who glorify him and cry genius.

It doesn’t make sense

He also evokes admiration as the first president to be shamed with a defendant’s photo, despite being accused of participating in a criminal association.

The only reason Trump can be called a genius is because he surrounds himself with dumber admirers.

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