July 15, 2024

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Elon Musk defended his abrasive decisions on Twitter

Elon Musk defended his abrasive decisions on Twitter

Elon Musk defended his actions on Twitter on Tuesday and explained that he will soon spend more time at Tesla, again promising fully self-driving cars by next year.

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In a live CNBC interview after Tesla’s AGM, he said, “I was making my point and I lost money as a result, that’s all”.

Host David Faber asked why he was tweeting provocative and extreme messages like last night, where he accused Jewish investor and philanthropist George Soros of “hating humanity.”

Since he bought Twitter six months ago, many advertisers have left the platform, where he has eased regulation of problematic content and pushed back previously banned figures like Donald Trump.

The former US president has yet to start tweeting, but if the network claims again that he stole the election from him, Elon Musk said thanks to contributors adding contextual “notes” to his tweets that his comments are misleading.

The multi-billionaire has also defended mass layoffs as necessary in the name of productivity, in the name of “ethics,” to “achieve balance” and his ban on teleworking.

“They want everyone to go to work, the worker in the factory, the chef in the restaurant to feed them, but not them! This is nonsense!”, he fumes, before confirming that he only takes 2 or 3 days off a year.

He recently appointed Linda Yaccarino, an American media and advertising figure, as Twitter’s chief executive.

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She will have to bring back advertisers and also maintain a delicate balance between the absolute freedom of expression advocated by Elon Musk and numerous political and commercial restrictions.

The prolific boss will take care of the social network’s technology, but he plans to devote more time to Tesla, especially on the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in electric cars.

“I think Tesla will have ChatGPIT next year, if not this year,” he said, referring to the productivity AI software that was rapidly adopted by millions of people around the world after its release in November.

“Suddenly, three million cars will be driving without anyone (at the wheel),” he said, thanks to AI and a remote on-board computer update. .

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