July 19, 2024

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Elon Musk has found Twitter’s new CEO

Elon Musk has found Twitter's new CEO

Mr Musk clarified in a tweet on Thursday that it would be a woman and that she would take office in six weeks.

He himself did not reveal his identity, but it was Linda Yacarino, a publicity manager at NBC Universal Media. According to Wall Street JournalShe is negotiating with X Corp to take the position CIO.

Mr. Musk bought the Twitter platform last fall. He’s been directing since then, but he’s already assured that it won’t be CIO Permanent, he reiterated Thursday.

My role will be executive chairman and chief technology officer, overseeing products, software and systems. »

A quote from Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter

He said to himself Was happy To make this announcement.

The billionaire Tesla owner, in particular, has repeated for nearly six months that he is looking for someone to direct Twitter’s destiny.

In mid-November, just weeks after buying the social media platform for US$44 billion, he told a Delaware court he didn’t want to be. CIO Any business. In his testimony, he said: I hope to cut back on my time on Twitter and eventually find someone else.

In December, he wrote on Twitter: If I find someone crazy to fill it, I will immediately resign from the post of CM..

The billionaire made the commitment after millions of Twitter users asked him to withdraw in favor of a poll he launched on the platform. 17 million of them spoke, of which 57% were in favor of his departure. Mr. Musk promised to respect the results of this investigation.

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And in February, he told a conference that he plans to find someone to run Twitter. Probably by the end of this year.

Important changes

In recent months, the entrepreneur has transformed the California group.

From the day of the takeover, he fired boss Parag Aggarwal, legal director Vijay Gadde and chief financial officer Ned Segal. He abruptly fired half the staff, then proceeded to lay off dozens of employees.

It has also allowed back controversial figures once banned from the network for violating its rules and introduced paid subscriptions to services previously offered free.

The blue checkmarks that guarantee the authenticity and trustworthiness of accounts that receive them after verification are now available to everyone with a paid subscription to Twitter Blue.

and many press organizations such as CBC/Radio-Canada, BBC or American National Radio NPR Government funded media It was once associated with them.

These chaotic changes and its various provocations have scared away many advertisers on whom the platform’s business model depends.

The San Francisco company, which generates the most revenue from advertising, is set to make less than $3 billion in 2023, compared to $4.14 billion, or 28% less, in 2022, according to Insider Intelligence. The biggest problem is that advertisers don’t trust Mr. MuskAnalyst Jasmine Enberg summed it up in a press release from the research firm in April.

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