July 20, 2024

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Energy transformation: A study calls for electricity to heat buildings

Energy transformation: A study calls for electricity to heat buildings

Consumers should abandon the use of natural gas and rely on electricity to heat buildings, according to a recent report urging provinces to avoid higher costs as the energy transition accelerates.

A study by Canada's Climate Institute titled “Heat Exchange” revealed that to achieve zero emissions in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, gas consumption would have to be significantly reduced.

“It's time for Quebec and other provinces to rely on electricity to heat homes and businesses and abandon natural gas,” said Sachi Gibson, director of mitigation research at Canada's Meteorological Agency.

By 2050, the organization predicts a roughly 93% reduction in gas consumption in Quebec compared to today, but a profitable energy transition will allow heat pumps to heat many more homes.

More than five million Canadian homes are heated by electricity, but to achieve carbon neutrality, 99% of home heating in 2050 would need to be powered entirely or primarily by electricity, according to a study published Thursday.

“To meet our climate goals, we will use much less natural gas, but if we continue the status quo, we could continue to pay for an unused or obsolete grid,” added Rick Smith, president of the Climate Institute.

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