July 23, 2024

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Everywhere you look, demolition workers are sitting on top

Everywhere you look, demolition workers are sitting on top

News magazine Title Title: Cracking everywhere. All sectors of government activity suffer from significant deficiencies.

Journalists have given eloquent examples in the areas of justice, education, elderly care and homelessness. They may have added transportation, housing crisis, climate change, family poverty, municipal affairs and many others.

Although our institutions have generally collapsed, the abolitionists Legault, Trudeau and perhaps Poilivre have gained support from a large part of the population. It’s like losing your Latin!

The nonsense of careerist and opportunistic politicians has struck a chord with many and makes people forget the harsh reality of Quebec. Fewer politicians are in the service of the state. Instead, they present us with a scenario where appearances prevail over reality.

One thing is for sure, they are adept at cultivating popular innocence and shirking their duty of transparency with a more or less willingly complicit media.

Return of the visionaries

Recently, I watched a documentary on the political career of Jacques Pariseau. In addition to his arms, we can also see other politicians who have made their mark in Quebec.

Bourassa, Lévesque, Trudeau Sr. and Pariseau have the stature of heads of state. The Lévesque cabinet of 1976 was the strongest of the last hundred years. Even Jean Lesage’s office was infested with worms.

Today, there are very few women and men of this stature in our parliamentary premises who have a sense of service to the state and their countrymen.

In other forums our politicians are more likely to take decisions rather than the people who are elected as pawns.

I am thinking, among other things, of Francois Legault’s refusal to intervene, as his colleague Ford did, on the key rate set by the Bank of Canada. Banks are suffocating households by trying to curb inflation. In medicine, the treatment seems to kill the patient.

That’s right Saint-Pierre Plamondon. Elected officials must help reduce the burden on their constituents. It can be argued that a twisted mind is more concerned with the performance of its investments than with alleviating the plight of the less fortunate.

End the reconstruction

Like global warming, state restructuring has been going on for a long time. There comes a time when the damage is irreversible and social inequalities become a source of dangerous tensions.

He demanded that the demolitionists should be driven out of the parliamentary premises and replaced by people who prioritized common interests. Kingdom servants than career!

There are a few that are looming right now. It depends on the population that they should not be avoided.

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