July 23, 2024

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Far fewer teachers are required than advertised

Far fewer teachers are required than advertised

Our schools will have fewer teachers than announced as some positions are filled in the Estrie starting August 14, when Quebec is missing nearly 9,000 teachers.

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“We have an education minister who is a former radio host and he often takes his old reflexes and brings sensational news,” said Richard Bergervin, president of the Syndicate de l’Senseinment de l’Estrie.

At the Val-des-Cerfs School Service Center, as of August 14, there are still 227 missing teachers with 42 vacant regular positions, 31 100% part-time positions, and 154 less than 100% part-time positions.

As of August 25, all regular and 100% part-time positions have been filled. Eleven part-time positions below 100% are still vacant.

“The situation here is a little less than expected, which, in my opinion, is reassuring,” said the president of the Syndicate de l’Enseignement de la Haute-Yamasca.

However, the data presented by Minister Drainville at Wednesday’s press conference was a real concern for meeting parents.

“Who will our children be with if they don’t have a teacher there?” asked a mother.

“Why does he get this false information that worries all parents?” asked another.

Parents will be reassured today. All students at the Val-des-Cerfs School Service Center have a teacher.

Although every class has one teacher, some of them have very little time to prepare their class. Not all of them are ready to welcome their team at the start of the school year.

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Thus, more time and better conditions can combat labor shortages according to unions. Moreover, the teachers feel that the attitude of the Education Minister should change.

“We stop sensationalism, which does not help to reassure the population about our education system,” argues Richard Bergevin.

In Estri, the union is confident that all classes will have teachers by the start of the school year on Monday.

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