July 23, 2024

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First tour of the “World’s Greenest Train” in North America

First tour of the "World's Greenest Train" in North America

Spectators, but not a few mayors and dignitaries, 120 people boarded for the ceremonial maiden voyage.

Réseau Charlevoix, which operates the Train de Charlevoix on a private railway, hopes to attract new clientele focused on ecology and agritourism.

Before the train left at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, General Manager Nancy Belli was excited to see passengers enjoying the first-ever train of its kind in North America. We are now the only tourist train in Quebec, so we are very happy that this train has access to hydrogen.she said.

Passengers on their first journey will enjoy the view of the river in the new train.

Photo: Radio-Canada

The landscape between the sea and the mountains is a sight for travelers in general. According to Ms Belli, it will compete with the train this summer, offering a new experience for those who board it.

It’s a completely different clientele. They really come for rolling stock. »

A quote from Nancy Belli, Executive Director, Charlevoix Network
Sitting on the train, Madame Belly smiles at the camera.

Nancy Belli, executive director of Reseau Charlevoix.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Louis-Philippe Arsenault

Feverish at departure, one of the passengers weighed Nancy Belli’s words. By saying Train ManiacShe explained to Radio-Canada that being on the train made her realize that A dream, this train is unique, unique in the world!

1000 kilometers on green hydrogen

In about two hours, the two carriages transport passengers over the 90 kilometers that separate Quebec from Baie-Saint-Paul. According to Alstom, this type of train, which has been tested for several years in Europe in particular, can cover very long distances.

We are now able to move over thousands of kilometers completely independentlyEric Rondeau, director of the Alstom Americas Innovation Center, said.

The company claims that the Coradia iLint can fly A record distance of 1175 km on a single tank of hydrogen in September 2022.

Technical plan of two wagons showing the main working parts of the train, the motor, corrugations, a converter, cell and battery compartments and a hydrogen tank under the wagons and on the roof.

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The hydrogen train is driven by an electric traction system using energy generated by fuel cells. The generated energy is stored in batteries.

Photo: Technical sheet provided by Alstom

It is basically an electric trainMr. Rondo recalled. To generate electricity, we supply hydrogen produced here, in Quebec, thanks to Harnois Énergies.

Standing on the train, Monsieur Rondo smiles at the camera.

Eric Rondeau, Director of the Alstom Innovation Center.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Louis-Philippe Arsenault

Quebec is the first place in North America where passengers can board a hydrogen train. The Coradia iLint has been tested in Europe since 2018 and will begin passenger runs in Germany in 2022.

With information from Louis-Philippe Arsenault

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