July 23, 2024

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“For the future, it will take university training” for new nurses, according to the order’s president.

"For the future, it will take university training" for new nurses, according to the order's president.

Luc Mathieu, president of the Order of Nurses of Quebec, believes that in the future, it is best for all new nurses to receive university training.

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Mr. Mathieu said in an interview with the “Le Bilan” show, but noted that college training is “part of the solution” and that any change would only affect new graduates in the profession.

“A college nurse is good, it’s part of the solution,” he said. But there are areas of knowledge that are not found in the college field and are expected in the health network.

He is not the only one who holds this view.

“I invite people to go and challenge the directors of nursing, all the professional associations in nursing are telling us, not for the nurses who are currently there, who are trained at university because different areas of knowledge are expected. seen in university education,” he said.

“In 2021, there are general meetings of the profession,” he said. They were chaired by two independent commissioners, and from what they heard, there was a broad consensus that this is the direction we should be heading for future nurses.

In his interview, Mr. Matthew is also back.

The Commissioner for Admissions has submitted three progress reports in recent months, notably concluding that 500 additional candidates should have passed the exam and that the clarity of questions and response options was problematic.

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The president of the Order of Nurses rejected the idea that the test would be made too difficult to force candidates through a university program rather than just a college-level technique.

“There is no confusion between the examination of the order and then the file of the initial training of nurses,” he emphasized. They are two completely different things. In the case of initial training for nurses, we are being called a lobbyist organization that discredits the college program, which is completely false.

Although the commissioner, in his third progress report, concluded that the pandemic was responsible for this massive failure, Mr Mathew expressed doubts.

“There may be a blind spot,” he believes. We should probably reach out to people in healthcare settings, people in professional healthcare associations. I invite you to see what the skeptics have to say about this.

“I’m not saying he did his job badly, but he didn’t want to explore the subject,” the order’s president continues. He went on to endorse people in academic circles, and rightly so. But in our opinion there may be a variable missing from the equation.

But he assured that the recommendations of the commissioner would be taken into consideration.

“We are currently working with the professionals designated by the Office of Professions for the September 22 exam and the future,” said Mr. Matthew said. We follow the instructions recommended to us. “

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