July 19, 2024

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Four escaped cows were caught

Four escaped cows were caught

Part of a herd of cows on the run in Saint-Sever, Maurice, was finally captured on Saturday evening after an operation that lasted several weeks.

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The four animals were able to be returned to their owner on Sunday morning, Jean-Sebastien Dubé, communications manager of the Union of Agricultural Producers (UPA) in Maurice, explained by phone.

UPA Marici said in a press release that the animals were in good condition when they returned to their home farm.

Mr. Dubey said the operation that led to the capture of the cattle was gradual.

A feeder was installed two or three weeks ago, then fences were installed, gradually closing the opening until producers decided to close it Saturday evening.

Not finished

“Only part of the herd entered the enclosure, probably due to the weather,” said Mr Dubey, who estimated that 7 or 8 cattle slipped through.

A similar operation will be repeated “probably this week” to catch them, he said.

In May, 24 cows and some calves broke through the fence of their enclosure at a farm in Saint-Barnabe.

About half of the herd came home on their own in the summer, Dubey said.

The epic adventure of these beasts has mesmerized Quebec and made headlines elsewhere in the world in recent weeks.

The cows roamed Saint-Barnabe and Saint-Saver for several weeks, causing widespread damage to farms in the region and a headache for farmers.

“In Whose Court”

Before the UPA coordinated the operation led by Marisi producers, the authorities accepted the buck.

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When the municipality of Saint-Sauveur asked the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec (MAPAQ) to take action, the latter instead referred to the Ministry of Forestry, Wildlife and Parks.

The Ministry of Wildlife has indicated that they cannot interfere as these are not wild animals.

The Sûreté du Québec, she said, only intervenes if the animals are on the roads.

Animal capture is also not in the UPA’s mandate to bring agricultural producers together.

“It’s a little bit in nobody’s backyard,” said Mr. Dubey, who emphasized the solidarity of the producers who coordinated the operation in the field.

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