July 23, 2024

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Genevieve Guilbault's political adviser attacked the àVélo service

Genevieve Guilbault's political adviser attacked the àVélo service

A political adviser in the office of the transport minister, Genevieve Guilbault, launched a fierce attack on Quebec bike-sharing service àVélo on social networks. A call from the minister's office quickly dissociated from these comments Newspaper.

In a series of comments published Thursday on the Quebec City's Facebook page, Dave Gravel reacted strongly to a publication in which the municipality reported that a temporary depot capable of holding about 900 bicycles would be located near the Plains of Abraham station. During the summer festival.

“We better understand why we're in a $2M hole in maintenance beciques Quebec's… in addition to cannibalizing RTC revenues [Réseau de transport de la Capitale qui gère ce service]“, Thunder.

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“Cost Valves”

In another comment under the same publication, he clarified his thoughts to an internet user who pointed out to him that roads are also in deficit. “In a world that affects citizens' tax bills, I believe that rigor in the management of public funds is necessary,” he wrote.

According to him, “It sometimes has few options in the offer of public services and their development, especially in the event that we have experienced an increase of about 7%. It also has consequences on rents and it emphasizes both the housing crisis and the homeless in Quebec. Keeping the cost valves wide open is a constant for all citizens of the city. Not a financial solution.

After the call, Mr. Gravel deleted the comments on Friday News magazine.

“Personal opinions” and excuses

In a statement, Minister Guilbault's office assured that “the views expressed by Mr. Gravel are personal and do not in any way represent those of the Minister.”

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“Political employees have the right and dignity to serve Quebec and all Quebecers. The minister expects the highest level of professionalism from them. Mr. Gravel has removed his publications and will publish a message of apology.

According to our information, Genevieve Guilbault met with Mr. Gravel in person on Friday morning, reminding him of his reserve duty as well as the need to exercise judgment and respect at all times.

Earlier this week, Quebec City's municipal opposition said àVélo was in a nearly $2M deficit and accused the RTC of a lack of transparency regarding the financing of the service.

Without confirming the extent of the deficit, the mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand, instead noted that all forms of transportation — cars, trucks, pedestrians — are by definition in deficit.

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