July 24, 2024

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Great SNCF Promo or Scam?

Great SNCF Promo or Scam?

An offer to get a Liberté TGV card from SNCF for 1 euro is currently circulating in many users' mailboxes. Are you tempted by this extraordinary promotion?

You may have received a message in your mailbox since the end of March, like many users, that you can benefit from “Extraordinary Offer” : Liberté TGV INOUI card for just 1 euro! “We are excited to celebrate OUIGO's birthday with you with an extraordinary promo”, we can read for example in an e-mail that uses the header of SNCF Connect. Another mentions an incredible reduction in time for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. A golden opportunity, such a card that allows you to travel at fixed prices and benefit from many benefits for a year normally costs 399 euros!

As you can imagine, this offer is too good to be true! This is actually a scam and more precisely a classic phishing attempt. Scammers have hijacked the identity of SNCF Connect, the railway company's ticket and discount card sales site, to recover users' personal and banking data. In fact, they are invited to click on a link to a website that looks like SNCF, and on that they have to fill out a form. Naturally, all this information ends up in the pockets of cybercriminals.

The railway company is classified on this matter. “SNCF Voyageurs has never launched such a promotion”She confirms Figaro. If the Liberté TGV INOUI card is currently on sale on the official website, it will be offered for 349 euros instead of 399 euros. Then there is nothing to see! “SNCF Connect will never ask you to provide your personal data (name, age, address, banking details, passwords, customer account information, etc.), not by email or by SMS.“, takes the opportunity to highlight the SNCF, which intends to file a complaint. It recommends to people who have “Doubt about identity of sender of email or SMS” They were told not to open it, not to click on the links it contained and to delete it from their mailbox. This is not the first time the company has suffered identity theft. Last summer, false ads circulated on Facebook offered to get a gift card offering free travel for a year for just 1.95 euros, but at the end of 2023, a fake contest was held on WhatsApp to offer free travel for a year.

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