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Holiday gifts: 4 tips to protect yourself from package theft

Holiday gifts: 4 tips to protect yourself from package theft

Every year, stolen packages increase as the holidays approach, but this fall the number of crimes may be even more impressive due to economic hardship.

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Furthermore, in most cases, the package is simply left in front of the consumer’s residence.

“The problem is worldwide. There is a problem [lorsque le livreur dépose le colis devant la porte]But there are ways to protect yourself from theft,” says Claude A. Sarrazin, security expert and president of SIRCO.

Moreover, there are thieves who are skilled in this type of theft.

“These are not very structured networks, but they are small groups that actually carry out this type of theft. This is a trend that we notice when we look at the sector that is most affected,” he said.

This expert will give you some tips to reduce the risk of theft

Pick up the package as soon as possible

“Minimize the time the package stays at the door, but this is not a guarantee because in some cases there are thieves who follow the delivery truck,” suggests Mr. Sarrazin.

Talk to your neighbors

“If you are expecting a package you can ask your neighbors for help and [vice-versa]», suggests this expert.

Have a camera

“Having a camera can protect you if you ever want to resort to this theft (…), depending on the value of the package, it will have an impact. You can demonstrate that you actually received it,” he says.

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Have a safe box

You can have a safe box on the outside so you can put the packages inside and sealing it helps,” he asserts.

Watch this expert’s explanation in the video above.

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