July 23, 2024

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Homeless camp in Longueuil: The shelter will be moved in August

Property tax in Longueuil increased by 4.9%

La Halte du Coin, a support resource for homeless people, will be temporarily relocated to a municipal building “away from the schools” from the beginning of August.

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Longueuil Mayor Catherine Fournier confirmed this on Monday.

In a press release, it said it had “worked actively” in recent months to identify the “best scenario” to replace the Halte du Coin, which will be established from spring 2020 at Notre-Dame-de-Church.

“Although the issue of homelessness falls to the governments of Quebec and Canada, we feel that the city has an important role to play and we fully take our responsibilities in this regard. Thus, we are confirming today the transfer of this emergency shelter to the municipally owned Jean-Dufresnoy Center. […]It is about one kilometer away from the present location,” Ms. Fournier said.

This municipal building has 35 emergency accommodation spaces. It is located mainly on a commercial street and is “away from educational institutions”, it is stated.

Remember that a major construction site will be launched at La Halte du Coin, to transform the premises into a community housing complex dedicated to those who are homeless or exiting their trajectory of homelessness.

Due to this work, around twenty tents sheltering homeless people have been erected near La Halte du Coin, but a stone's throw from a primary school and a library, causing concern from residents of the sector.

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