July 17, 2024

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Hong Kong has announced vaccine deals and expects to import by January

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam wearing a face mask speaks during a press conference in Hong Kong, on December 8.
KLM Boeing 777 seen above Hong Kong International Airport on March 9. May James / Sopa Images / CIPA USA

The city government said on Friday that Hong Kong had banned three international airlines from flying into the city for two weeks under a new law aimed at stopping the spread of Kovid-19.

One or more of the three airlines’ flights were carrying Kovid-positive passengers, a statement said.

They are:

  • Flight from Amsterdam, operated by KLM Dutch Royal Airlines, on November 27.
  • Nepal Airlines will operate from Kathmandu to Hong Kong on December 1.
  • Two flights from Dubai to Hong Kong via Bangkok on December 2 operated by Emirates.

Under stricter new regulations, the Hong Kong government has banned airlines from flying into the city on those routes for 14 days.

What prompted the bans?

Passenger positive test: The ban is enforced when an airline carries more than five Kovid-19 positive passengers. On December 1, six passengers on a Nepal Airlines flight were tested positive upon arrival.

Series of flights: The ban will also apply to the airline that operates two consecutive flights to Hong Kong carrying Kovid-19 positive passengers. This is the case with Emirates flights that brought four cases to Hong Kong on December 2 and three on December 3.

Failure to follow actions: The KLM-operated flight from Amsterdam to Hong Kong on November 27 contained not only a Kovid-19 positive passenger, but also a 14-day blacklist. The Hong Kong government has said it has the right to block the route for 14 days if a passenger on the Kovid-19 plane fails to comply with pandemic control measures.

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KLM’s Amsterdam-Hong Kong, Nepal Airlines Kathmandu route will not be operational until December 17, while the Emirates will not be able to fly from Dubai or Bangkok to Hong Kong until December 18, the Hong Kong government said.

CNN reached out to Emirates, KLM and Nepal Airlines for comment.

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