July 20, 2024

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Housing Crisis, Mass Migration and Tomorrow's Authoritarianism

Housing Crisis, Mass Migration and Tomorrow's Authoritarianism

It is now a generally accepted fact: the housing crisis is inextricable from mass immigration.

The Canadian political class, passionately colonialists, had to figure this out for a year. Despite her, of course. By doing everything to minimize his findings, we have no doubt about it.

But the reality is too big to be denied and hidden, especially as mass immigration puts pressure on social services and burdens public finances. Not to forget, as Francois Legault rightly points out, it seriously destabilizes social cohesion.


However, one need only look at how Western Europe has changed in the last 30 years to be convinced of this.

The end is therefore clear at first: we must end it.

That is why we started wanting to reduce temporary migration.

But very quickly, the immigrations pulled themselves together and proposed a reverse reading of the situation.

The housing crisis, they say, comes not from mass immigration, but from not enough housing being built in Canada. In other words, for them, population growth through successive waves of immigration was a constitutive and immutable fact of Canadian policy that simply had to be accommodated.

Canadians and Quebecers must radically change their way of life. Their attitude towards the country should be changed. We should step aside for those who have come illegally.

And all this has real consequences in their lives.

Thus, a little music begins to be heard: Should we not reduce the size of houses and apartments available to us in order to create a denser society, perhaps even abandoning the ideal of individual property? Tomorrow we will defend it in the name of environmental degradation. We know the song.

As Frédéric Lacroix, who has followed these questions closely, we are gradually moving towards tyranny with the goal of being virtuous.

However, this is not the first time that society has modified its organized principles in the name of mass migration.

Thus, in a growing number of fields of activity, we have renounced the promotion of individuals in favor of racial quotas and racial preferences — what we modestly call the “promotion of diversity.”

Also, still in the housing sector, Radio-Canada told us last week that HLMs built with federal funds are reserved for “visible minorities” and “immigrants.”


In other words, Canadians like Quebecers pay taxes for services they can't benefit from — unless they're white, and if we understand correctly, they'll enter the correct box.

These policies have the nerve to present anti-white racism as the anti-racism of political correctness.

Furthermore, anyone who denies this will be accused of racism. And this is how we censor public debate. A diverse society is a totalitarian society.

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