July 23, 2024

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Humor training for CHUM top officials does not make Minister Dubey laugh

Humor training for CHUM top officials does not make Minister Dubey laugh

The office of Quebec’s health minister, Christian Dubey, found the cost incurred by the Center Hospitalier de l’Université de Montreal (CHUM) to train the establishment’s executives from the National School of Humor to be “highly questionable.”

Radio-Canada revealed Monday the existence of the $60,000 deal, titled “Humor Skills for Managers.” The training follows the arrival of new CEO Friedrich Abergel, who was appointed by the government earlier in the year.

All contracts offered by establishments must be justified and done according to regulations and ensure that it is relevant.Writes through email to the Minister’s office. Is it suitable for comedy training?

It is very dubious, it raises doubts and it is up to the establishment to explain and demonstrate its relevance, because we are talking about public funds.

The CHUM More details on this training should be provided by the end of the day.

The establishment awarded a $100,000 contract to McKinsey, an over-the-counter, consulting firm, with the goal of obtaining a comparative portrait. CHUM As compared to other similar university hospitals, it aims to keep itself One of the best hospitals in the world by 2030.

Our investigation shows that Quebec hospitals are spending millions of dollars on contracts with private firms and consultants. For example: managing human resources, managing finances or managing senior living projects.

The Federation of Health and Social Services (FSSS–CSN), which is going on strike from Tuesday, is shocked by our information.

Money for private enterprises, the government and our employers will always find it. There is little will to improve the working conditions of network workers.

The pandemic and the shortage of executives are believed to be the source of this ever-growing dependency relationship between network managers and private consultants.

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The network faces significant challengesMinister’s office reminds. One of the solutions to be more efficient is to call in external consultants to gain expertise on specific issues to make better decisions.

However, adds the company, These appointments must be justified and relevant, which is essential.

It certainly shows that we need better coordination across the network to implement best practices everywhere, and that’s what we’re going to do with Santé Quebec.The company said.

For its part, the official opposition challenged the minister, who said he wanted to attract shock managers from the private sector for the future Sainte-Québec agency.

Looks like you’ve already found yourself Top gunsjoked Liberal Health spokesman Andre Fortin.

We don’t trust existing managers, so we hire more retired ex-managers on contract to do the same job.

Our file states that many executives have been recalled as consultants after their retirement and hired for tasks similar to those they undertook while employed by the public network.

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