July 24, 2024

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IBM plans to replace many jobs with artificial intelligence

IBM plans to replace many jobs with artificial intelligence

(San Francisco) An IBM boss plans to drastically cut the computer giant’s administrative staff, citing the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies to handle this type of work.

“It seems to me that 30% (of the 26,000 administrative employees) could easily be replaced by AI and automation within five years,” Arvind Krishna told Bloomberg on Monday.

So the leader plans to freeze recruitment in the division, which represents part of the American group’s roughly 260,000 employees.

“There is no normal hiring break,” an IBM spokesman told AFP on Tuesday.

“IBM has a very thoughtful recruitment policy, focused on revenue-generating positions. We are very selective about positions that are not directly related to our customers or technology. We currently have thousands of vacancies,” he added.

Like many companies in the technology sector, IBM implemented a social plan this winter. According to Bloomberg, the group is expected to cut 5,000 jobs in total, but hired 7,000 in the first quarter.

Productive AI pioneer OpenAI, with its ChatGPT interface and other tools, has demonstrated that these new technologies can write emails, create websites, generate lines of code, and generally perform many repetitive tasks.

In March, a study by Goldman Sachs stated that nearly 300 million jobs could be replaced by IT automation and AI.

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