July 23, 2024

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In the video | A woman found a snake living in her toilet

In the video |  A woman found a snake living in her toilet

An Arizona woman didn’t expect to find a snake living in the toilet of her residence after returning from her vacation.

Michelle Lespron was shocked to find a snake crawling under her toilet. She immediately shut the toilet lid and called for help, CNN reported.


When an expert from Rattlesnake Solutions comes to her rescue, Ms. He realized that the species of snake in the Lespraon toilet was Coluber flagellum.

“Colubar flagellum is fast, smart and multitasking. It eats rattlesnakes, climbs trees and houses. He can go everywhere and do whatever he wants,” Brian Hughes, owner of Rattlesnake Solutions, told CNN.


The terrified woman said she has not been able to use her toilet since the snake was spotted. “I couldn’t use the toilet for three weeks after he came out,” she said.

Experts say it’s rare to find a snake in a toilet, but tenants should make sure their septic system is in good repair to avoid this type of situation.


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