July 17, 2024

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Is “Lille’s disease” really there?

Is "Lille's disease" really there?
Customers at Bar Terrace, May 19, 2021. (Sebastian Kordzi / Xinhua)

For more than a week, thousands of young people have been posting messages on social networks to warn of “Lille disease”. They all describe the same symptoms: sore throat, headache, slight fever and cough for a few days. According to the evidence, this alleged pathology mainly affects young people. In addition, some messages talk about the “Massena variant”, indicating the street name with bars in Kovid-19 and Lille, which is a high-pollution area.

You can be assured: this “Lille disease” is not a new variant and has no link with coronavirus. Beyond the evidence on social networks, local health officials explain that they were warned by a regular practitioner from Lille. He was concerned that many students were going through his office with flu-like symptoms. He therefore reported it to the Hautes-de-France Regional Health Agency. PCR tests were performed and they were found to be negative. Furthermore, the number of Kovid cases in the Nord Department is declining and there is no sign of a resumption of the epidemic.

This is partly due to the less prominent obstruction signals nasopharyngitis or angina. However, this is what Sophie observed for two or three weeks. Prove it, Doctor in Lily, Surveyed by France Blue Nord : “You really need to be reassured about this seasonal infection of the respiratory virus. It’s very annoying, but it’s especially harmless and it happens every year … nothing more this year.”

Clearly, the diseases we probably forget a little bit and especially with masks, hydro-alcoholic gel, teleworking or even distance learning have been very low for over a year. For example, last year, gastro, the most common seasonal virus, had the lowest cumulative incidence rate in the last ten years. According to Public Health France.

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