July 17, 2024

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Joe Biden was involved in the management of COVID-19

Joe Biden was involved in the management of COVID-19

After the victory over Donald Trump, Joe Biden promised to “follow science” to get the United States out of the coronavirus pandemic: a year later, contamination, a shortage of test kits and the president’s message were caught. Some Americans have strong resistance to the vaccine.

Data released on Wednesday shows a new infection record – 265,427 daily cases above the seven-day average – underscores the government’s inability to control the virus, whose omicran variant has become prevalent in the country.

The good news is that Omicron, while more contagious, causes less severe symptoms than its predecessor Delta, with only 11% of those hospitalized.

While the data is “encouraging” we should avoid “satisfaction” because the hospital system is still under pressure, White House adviser Anthony Fauzi warned Wednesday on the health crisis.

The rapid spread of the Omicron variant has already caused some devastation and political devastation for the Biden administration and the Democratic Party.

Pollution booms have landed thousands of planes in the middle of the holiday season, disrupting catering and major sports championships or canceling exhibitions.

Since his inauguration in January 2021, Joe Biden has vowed to stem the tide after his previous months of irregular management. After successfully launching a mass vaccination campaign, he went so far as to assure that the country was “close to declaring independence from the virus” on July 4, the American national holiday.

But, he lost weight this summer with the appearance of the Delta variant, this winter Omikron, Democrat was criticized from all sides and his popularity rate dropped to just 43%.

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Tolerance degree

The New York Post, One of the most vocal critics of the White House, did not blame COVID-19 on the president, but condemned his strategy to curb the epidemic.

“The Biden team, with its hype, incompetence, hypocrisy and blatant lies, does not inspire confidence,” the newspaper said in its editorial on Tuesday.

“Remember the Democrats’ campaign was based on the fact that they could get rid of the Chinese virus quickly and easily?” Their propaganda is a total lie, ”former President Donald Trump added in a statement on Wednesday, although he reduced the pandemic during his tenure.

There has been a lot of criticism, especially over the lack of rapid self-test kits, but by the end of the year the test centers had become a storm.

“We still have work to do,” Biden admitted Monday, citing an increase in the number of testing sites and the distribution of 500 million kits since January.

On Wednesday, the government cleared two new self-tests and signed a $ 137 million contract to supply materials needed to produce rapid tests.

Howard Foreman, a professor of public health at Yale University, believes it is “necessary” to regularly screen at-risk populations to treat the disease before serious complications occur.

“For each high-risk category, I will test as soon as possible,” he told AFP.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the vaccine remains the best defense against the virus, with a 14 – fold mortality rate.

Here, too, in states with a Republican majority, Joe Biden faces a stubborn refusal to acquire immunity from a portion of the population. Despite easy vaccine promotion and easy access to injections, only 62% of Americans were fully vaccinated and 33% received a booster dose.

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This week, the CDC halved the detention period to five days for asymptomatic positive cases, to limit absenteeism, which is still unanimous in the work world.

This decision shows how difficult it is for the government to satisfy everyone at the same time.

And Rochelle Valensky, director of the CDC, agreed Wednesday that health officials rely not only on scientific evidence, but also on human and political factors to make their decision.

“It really has a lot to do with what we think is the level of tolerance of the people,” she told CNN.

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