July 19, 2024

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Kamala Harris praises the LA mayor for diminishing police funding

Kamala Harris praises the LA mayor for diminishing police funding

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s decision to cut the police fund by $ 150 million was made by Vice President Hope Chen. Kamala Harris applauded on Tuesday, but stopped short of saying she supports the “police money laundering” movement.

“I support investing in communities so that they become more healthy and safe,” Harris said in an interview ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “I applaud Mayor Garcetti for what he did.”

Harris said the movement raised legitimate questions about police budgets, as he was in the arms of a white Minneapolis policeman for more than 8 minutes after the death of George Floyd.

“Right now, what we see in the United States is that many cities spend a third of their entire city budget on policing, but in the meantime we’ve been turning public schools in the United States for years,” the California legislator continued.

Garcetti said last week that the city’s police budget was cut by $ 150 million.

The Democratic Party is split over the overnight political movement and now dominates the 2020 race – with President Trump claiming that Democrats want to eliminate the police department altogether.

Calls for police repatriation are urging local governments to reduce public spending on policing, instead investing that money to improve the living standards of marginalized communities.

Harris asked, “We need to rethink and question what we do with US taxpayer dollars. Are we getting the right return on our investment? Are we really creating healthy and safe communities?”

“This is a formal conversation. It needs a very important assessment.”

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The senator, who is supposed to be on Joe Biden’s short list of running mates, previously served as California’s attorney general from 2011 to 2017.

Critics said his own record as California’s top lawyer was when he made his own White House bid last year Not as progressive as she said.

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