July 23, 2024

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Leaving teaching for Costco: She’s more satisfied

Leaving teaching for Costco: She's more satisfied

A woman in America quit her teaching job to work at Costco… and found a way to get a huge pay raise.

In 2022, Maggie Perkins decided to leave her education. She worked as a teacher for eight years and earned $47,000 a year, working 60 hours a week with annual unpaid overtime. The New York Post.

“Between the administrative pressures, the testing requirements and the stamina required to teach at the height of the pandemic, I was exhausted,” she wrote in an essay published on the CNBC website.

@millennialmsfrizz A year ago today I quit my job at Amazon. I haven’t thought about working at Costco yet. I left education and knew I was never going to be a teacher again. I know there’s a lot wrong with education and things can’t change fast enough for me to come back. My heart was broken, I was saddened by the loss of my professional identity as a teacher. But I was firm in my decision to go ahead with something better. Although I need to get something that fits right now. As soon as I started working at Costco, I understood the upward mobility possible within the company and made sure to gain as much experience as possible and apply for jobs at the corporate level where I fit. #training teacher #Teacher #costcocareer #costcohol ♬ Calm Background Music with Acoustic Guitar and Saxophone (1288148) – Ame

M is looking for temporary employmentme So Perkins took a job at Costco. After landing a position at a cash register and another at a bakery, she joined the company’s marketing training team.

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“Seeing their work showed me that I could still be an educator — but in a different context. So when a position opened up in Issaquah, Washington, I immediately applied,” she explained.

Maggie Perkins is now a content developer and marketing trainer for Costco, a job she says pays better than teaching.

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