July 23, 2024

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Litter left on sidewalks: Here's how to move it environmentally

Litter left on sidewalks: Here's how to move it environmentally

Televisions, mattresses and even broken glass 1 invade the sidewalks after the many moves taking place this long weekend.er July Here are some tips for properly disposing of your old furniture.

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In Montreal alone, nearly 50,000 tons of litter end up on the sidewalk each year during the moving season.

“Planning is the key to getting rid of our scraps or unwanted pieces properly,” said Carel Ménard, director general of the Quebec Common Front for Ecological Waste Management (FCQGED).

“You don't want to do it 24 hours in advance, often it's weeks or even months in advance,” he stresses.

According to him, some measures can be applied to prevent sidewalks from becoming dumping grounds:

Know where to put each item

A refrigerator or wooden furniture does not necessarily appear in the same place. It is therefore important to know whether an item is accepted at a drop-off location, an Ecocentre, or must go in the trash.

RECYC-QUÉBEC “Where is it going?” Also provides an application called To recycle items in the right place.

Finding takers on social media

“People think it's magic, we leave it on the side of the road and someone comes and picks it up two or three days later,” Mr Menard explained.

However, if the city picks up what is left on the sidewalk, it is sent directly to the landfill.

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For things that are still in good condition, but you no longer want, you don't hesitate to find people who are interested by sending messages on social media.

Extra clothes? Don't hesitate to return them

If you no longer want to see parts of your new cabinets, it is possible to donate them to social economic organizations such as Revival or the Salvation Army, if they are in good condition.

What to do with pizza boxes after moving?

Who says to move, often says pizza at the end of the day to feed the troops.

If there's not much pizza in it, for example only a few traces of tomato sauce, the box can go to compost or even recycling without any problem, Mr Menard underlined.

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