July 20, 2024

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Major restructuring: BBQ Québec company receives a “shovel in the forehead”.

Major restructuring: BBQ Québec company receives a "shovel in the forehead".

BBQ Québec Company is now seeking refuge from its creditors in the areas of distribution and management, which represents a major restructuring within the company.

For nearly two months, BBQ Québec has been taking steps to restructure the company, which will, among other things, require the layoff of some employees. “We faced a problem at the management level. We did everything possible to save the company,” BBQ Quebec president Max Lavoie explained in an interview on the show. on your business.

The restructuring led to the closing of one of the four stores in Montreal. “We have everything planned to support employees in Montreal in terms of web and events,” Mr. Lavoie said.

On the other hand, sales are going well in Boucherville, Quebec and Laval. “I try to be positive, but I’m emotional knowing that Quebec has given us enormous support for ten years,” he stressed.

Ten years of “phenomenal growth”

“We were one of the fastest growing retail companies in America in 2019,” recalls the president of BBQ Québec.

On the other hand, he noted, the post-pandemic transition is a major hurdle. “Our general director bowed. A follower has no abilities. “It didn’t help us,” he says.

“shovel in the forehead”

Passionate about BBQ, Max Lavoie and his brother wanted to spread their passion outside of Quebec. They filmed an entire television show while looking for new export partners. “But the numbers aren’t right. It’s a slap in the face… We’re facing a bit of a crisis this winter,” he explained.

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However, despite this situation, the president stated that “as an entrepreneur we can put one knee on the ground.” It also reminds us of the importance of keeping your head up and taking care of your mental health.

The president confirmed that the three main stores in Boucherville, Laval and Quebec City are open. Products are still on sale.

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