July 17, 2024

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Manitoba calls on volunteers to help at health care facilities, COVID-19 test sites: Premier

Manitoba calls on volunteers to help at health care facilities, COVID-19 test sites: Premier

Premier Brian Polyester called on Manitobans to volunteer at COVID-19 testing grounds and health care facilities as the province continues to watch case numbers and hospital climbs along with strict restrictions.

Speaking at a news conference on Tuesday morning, Pullister said the province was seeking to register health system volunteers using qualified monitobans. Help the Next Door MB, Province’s app and online tool Launched in March.

Premier said volunteers are needed to assist with various tasks at COVID-19 testing sites, to support screening at health facilities, and to provide other health care assistance to assist our front-line workers.

These tasks include testing people at test sites, taking temperatures, directing traffic or helping people waiting long distances, Polyester said.

“The Manitobans have a long and very proud history of stepping in at times of need,” he said.

“This is a time when a lot of monitobans are needed.”

To the question of why the province does not employ more people, Pullister said the province wants to get help quickly.

There is a need to create a high capacity to assist low-skilled workers at testing sites and health care facilities during the epidemic, he said, not to permanently expand the provincial civil services.

Those interested in volunteering can create a profile in the app and select their province and region of interest.

If and when their application is approved, the volunteer’s contact information will be followed by their regional health authority.

In addition, Pullister said the province is accelerating its engagement efforts, including a weekly telephone town hall with regional officials on a variety of topics.

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As of Tuesday morning, nearly 3,000 people had attended, he said Online survey About the potential curfew.

Pullister said the province needs a lot of resources such as public procurement and police officers to work the curfew, so it is seeking feedback.

He said he had not heard of another jurisdiction in Canada that enforced the curfew during the epidemic, but that the province’s COVID-19 numbers were increasing somewhat due to social gatherings taking place in the evening.

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