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Mont d'Youville victims are happy with the $65M settlement, but some remember they will be broke for life

Mont d'Youville victims are happy with the $65M settlement, but some remember they will be broke for life

Victims of abuse at Mont d'Youville say they are satisfied with the settlement, but insist nothing will bring back what they lost while their childhoods were still held captive in the prison.

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“It's not 300,000 or 400,000, it brings back my childhood,” asserts Roch Drolet. “I was there for four and a half years. I put scars on my body, but also inside.

The man, who has also launched criminal proceedings over the abuse he suffered, hopes to one day receive an official pardon. Both from the Sisters of Charity as well as the CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale and the Government of Quebec.

He is particularly angry with the government, which will limit benefits to three years with the upcoming reform of IVAC, which will significantly harm him and other victims. And this is when they find some peace of mind with the class action settlement.

“It knocks me out. […] I, like thousands of other people (in IVAC), it ends in October. After that we don't know, the unknown. Shall we meet on the street? Psychologically, I am not fit to return to work,” insists the man who monitors him every month to diagnose post-traumatic anxiety.

Avoid lengthy investigation

Despite everything, the victims all agreed that they were satisfied to avoid the long trial that was going on before them.

For six months, everyone testified, but most of all the cross-examination of the defendants, a prospect that worried many of the 600 registered.

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“It's freedom to do it in person in front of a retired judge,” confides Christian Burgos, recalling that in recent years, “the opposing party has done everything to eliminate the channel.”

“For six years, we have been under attack,” adds Jean Simard, stressing that the feeling will continue during the trial.

Then, applicants will also avoid long delays. Yes for the six month trial, but also for the appeal delay.

“There is a deadline, it will be respected and we will be able to really move forward.”

Jeanne Simard and Christian Burgos, plaintiffs representing victims of Mont d'Youville class action against Sisters of Charity and CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale. Photo credit: Pierre-Paul Biron, Journal de Québec

Pierre-Paul Biron, Journal de Quebec

For Jean Simard and Christian Burgos, this goal of being side by side, supporting each other, was even more special as they faced the abuse of Mont d'Youville academics together.

“Together we fled to save ourselves from our assailants.”

Justice will be done to all of them soon.

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