July 23, 2024

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Nissan was the first Japanese manufacturer to adopt the NACS standard

Nissan was the first Japanese manufacturer to adopt the NACS standard

In recent weeks, a veritable wave of manufacturers has joined Tesla for the standard North America’s burden (NACS) Until now, Japanese automakers have been tight-lipped about their intentions. However, that has just changed; Today, Nissan announced that American manufacturers will join the ball rolling.

From next year

According to the agreement between Nissan And you are hereThe Japanese manufacturer is currently making the NACS charging adapter with Combined Charging System 1 (CCS1) available to interested parties for Ariyas from 2024 onwards. This will allow existing drivers of Nissan’s electric SUV to access more than 12,000 additional charging points.

Photo courtesy of: Nissan

With this announcement, Nissan becomes the first Japanese automaker to follow suit. Not surprisingly, Toyota and Honda will soon follow suit. After all, switching to electric isn’t easy for everyone, and many want to be sure they have access to as many fast charging points as possible.

Full integration is planned for 2025

In line with other manufacturers, Nissan will begin offering its electric vehicles in the US and Canadian markets with a NACS port from 2025. This allows owners and drivers of new Nissan electric vehicles to charge their vehicle’s battery directly on a Tesla Supercharger without the need for an adapter.

Tesla Supercharger 3
Tesla Supercharger Network Photo courtesy of: Tesla

The announcement of the adoption of the NACS standard by Nissan aims to increase access to charging stations for its customers. The manufacturer is well aware that part of the sine of the battle in the race for electrification is related to the charging network.

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According to Nissan’s press release, the manufacturer aims to sell 40% of electric vehicles in the United States by 2030. Moreover, two new models should join the ranks by the end of 2025 to achieve this goal. The manufacturer hopes that the addition of NACS ports will support its extensive electrification plan.

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