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Ongoing Office 365 interruption after rollback failure

Ongoing Office 365 interruption after rollback failure

Screenshot: Chris Duckett / Zednet

Microsoft is currently examining an authentication error that has affected its Office 365 systems.

“Starting at approximately 21:25 UTC, the Azur Public and Azur Government cloud customer subcommittee encounters errors in performing authentication operations for many Microsoft / Azur services, including access to Azur portals,” the company said. Status post.

In another Post, Office.com, lolut.com, teams, Power Platform and Dynamics 365 will not be accessible to customers, the company said.

“Existing customer sessions are not affected and any user who logs in to an existing session will be able to continue their sessions,” Microsoft said.

On it Twitter Status Account, Says the root cause of Microsoft seems to be a recent change, and has decided to reverse the change.

“We have reversed the change that caused the impact and are monitoring the environment to make sure that service is recovering,” the company said, 14 minutes after it followed, not seeing what it had hoped to see.

“We do not see an increase in successful connections after the recent change is reversed. We are working to assess additional mitigation solutions while investigating the root cause.”

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