July 23, 2024

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Our dog’s health at your fingertips

Our dog's health at your fingertips

Have you ever wondered how your dog works? Thanks to Queva, it is now possible to gain access to assess your physical and mental health at your fingertips.

“This is a helpful tool that we want to create so that dog owners can monitor the health of their animals as well as their activity,” said Jacob Thiboutot-Calderon, president of Queva. “This is to prevent certain problems in dogs, both behaviorally and physically.”

If your dog develops anxiety, for example, the tool can detect this by monitoring his activity and allow you to act more quickly to help him.

“Our goal is to identify signs of potential problems in the animal, and then support the owner,” explained Mr. Thibautot-Calderon. “If we identify a potential problem, we give the owner the tools to come in and find out what he can improve.”

It wasn’t just the company president who wanted to develop a tool like this. When he was practicing, Martin Godbout, a veterinarian turned veterinary director of Queva, liked to have access to a similar tool to follow up with his clients.

“As soon as there is something different in his behavior or in his actions, in his movements, from what he has always done, we can get a clue, say: something will happen to him,” he explained. “This allows us to ask consumers the right questions.”

The technology used to create this smart collar was developed entirely by Queva, which explains why such a collar retails for $129.

The product will be delivered and ready for use by April 2024, until then interested parties can pre-order it on the Queva website.

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“We set up our supply chain,” Mr. Thibautot-Calderon said. “Whatever demand we have, we’re more than willing to supply.”

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