July 20, 2024

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Passengers were stranded at the airport for 24 hours in anger at Air Transat

Passengers were stranded at the airport for 24 hours in anger at Air Transat

Air Transat passengers were devastated after spending 24 hours without food at a United States airport last Sunday.

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“It was really the anger we had. We felt like animals,” said Sebastien Mercadier.

Sebastian had a great vacation in the Dominican Republic, but the return trip last Saturday took another turn. After boarding the flight at 7:45 PM, the passengers had to leave after 3 hours.

Eventually the flight was cancelled.

Back at the airport terminus, some find their broken luggage.

Air Transat employees could not find hotel rooms for all.

A hundred people were forced to sleep on the floor in the airport entrance hall.

“No water, no toilets, no food”, lamented one traveler.

“There’s no wall at the entrance so there’s all the space for mosquitoes to bite the world, and there’s no air conditioning, no seat so the elderly are lying on the floor like dogs,” adds Catherine Fournier, a passenger on the plane. TS499.

Via email, Air Transat apologized to its passengers and explained that the situation was beyond their control. The carrier also says it will reimburse any outstanding expenses and compensate passengers on that flight. The carrier offers them a $400 travel credit, an offer that travelers may not have met.

Watch the full explanation in the video above.

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