July 20, 2024

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Personal Bankruptcy: Pierre-Carl Pelado thinks of a man collapsing

Personal Bankruptcy: Pierre-Carl Pelado thinks of a man collapsing

– Pierre-Karl Péladeau can be consoled…

– He will always be rich with his personality…, even as his media empire is collapsing…

– Péladeau owes his creditors 272 million dollars… just like Real Boecklin…

The defeat of the selection group takes its president in its wake. Real Boecklin is now under bankruptcy and insolvency law protection. His list of creditors shows that the businessman is involved in the failures of several members of the family of his spouse, host Valerie Tailfer: he owes them more than 33 million. Corresponds to Hugo Zoncas, a journalist of the press.

– Imagine…

– Real Boecklin has 160 million dollars in debt…

– Saw blonde Valerie Tailfer took on $1 million in debt to help her boyfriend.

– His father, Jean-Francois, is 6 million dollars in debt.

– Companies owned by his father and Valerie Tailfer’s brother-in-law Philippe Morin also have total debts of 26.3 million.

– His blonde… innocent like anything…

– Keep supporting her lover.

“Real is a man with a big heart and unique dedication, which has led him to success. I am proud of what he has built over the past 33 years,” said Valerie Tailfer.

“During the pandemic and after, my spouse made choices to keep jobs and construction sites while the whole world came to a standstill.

“I support and appreciate his vision. I believe the current situation is temporary and the best is yet to come.”

– Dear Valery, say that there is no sharp pencil in the box.

– Real Boecklin’s ex-partner, Remy Vigneault, is still asking him for $12 million.

“His wife needs to stop defending him and understand that this is a total fiasco.”

“I want to locate his assets and seize them.”

“I have already begun to identify his personal property.

– In total… counting his past debts… Remy Bouklin owes his creditors 272 million dollars.

Besides Remi Vigneault, other creditors are losing patience. Last June, La Presse revealed that Finance Projets Quebec (FPQ) was suing Real Bouquelin for the sum of 53 million included in the registered loans. Journalist Hugo Zoncas wrote.

The company, owned by French businessmen Luc and Franck Reslen, even threatened to take over his luxury residence.

FPQ Group accused Selection of accruing overdue interest and refusing to submit its financial statements.

Pierre-Karl Péladeau can count himself lucky…

– His media company is collapsing..

– But personally…he’s full of aces…

– Péladeau is a fox.

– He is never one to lose cash in the end.

– Its shareholders, terminated employees, partners…

– But he… personally… is always in 7th heaven with his WALLET…

– Amen…

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