July 20, 2024

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Police Fraternity: The Executive President and members introduce themselves to the Council

Police Fraternity: The Executive President and members introduce themselves to the Council

In an unprecedented gesture, the president of Quebec City's Brotherhood of Police Officers attended the municipal council on Tuesday to demand a meeting with the mayor to resolve the stalemate in the municipality's ongoing legal saga, a request that was denied. to himself


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Several members of the Fraternity Executive followed her at the microphone, along with Martin Fortier. The union president stated in his introduction: “I am now receiving my third notice of disciplinary hearing, none of my predecessors having been president of the fraternity.”


She recalled that a grievance arbitrator had recently ruled in her favor, ruling that she was indeed the victim of retaliation for union activity.

“Considering this, will you agree to grant me the meeting I have sought for more than two years, before the situation worsens and the image of Quebec City is irrevocably tarnished?” she asked.

“not personal”

The mayor rejected the proposal. “For all HR matters, when there is a conflict, it is not possible and I am not in favor of meeting. […] There will be no meeting and it is not personal to the fraternity president,” he confirmed, assuring that it would be the same for any employee “due to process reasons”.

Other executive members of the fraternity were no longer successful with the elected officials of the Marchand administration. The vice-president of the executive committee in charge of human resources, Marie-Josie Asselin, pointed out that the management of the police service does not fall directly under the jurisdiction of elected officials and that they maintain independence between the political level and the administration of the SPVQ.

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“In the police department, we have had no report of any breach of public trust,” she submitted.

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