July 17, 2024

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Press in Qatar | Here the ball stops

The wonderful destiny of Mary-Philip Pauline

(Doha) Kamal Miller and Alistair Johnston have previously played together with the Canadian team. Against Haiti. Against Martinique. against the Cayman Islands. Small points. But this time is a big test. Quarter-final of the 2021 Gold Cup against Costa Rica, who have qualified for the last two World Cups.

Canadians are feverish. Kamal Miller, who entered the pitch, took Alastair Johnston aside. “Look,” he told her, “some people think we’re still college players. Others believe we’re only good for MLS. Today we’re both going to face good attackers. This is the day we show everyone that we deserve our place here. That these two defenders are ours. This game is for us. No. Even for Qatar. »

“His speech really cracked me up,” recalls Alistair Johnston.

That day, Canada defeated Costa Rica 2-0.

Both have been living together since then.

With the Canadian team and CF Montreal.

Kamal Miller and Alistair Johnston first met 10 years ago in Toronto. Alistair is from Montreal, where he grew up. Kamal is already a star player in this region.

“Kamal is a year older than me,” says Alistair. He was the star central defender of the Vaughan club. We trained together. I find him incredible. I wanted to be like him. »

Apart from Kamal…

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