July 20, 2024

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Property tax in Longueuil increased by 4.9%

Property tax in Longueuil increased by 4.9%

Longueville owners will have to put their hands in their wallets as property tax in their municipality will increase by 4.9% in 2024, and this is without counting the implementation of an additional tariff on mobility.

Longueuil Mayor Catherine Fournier made the announcement Thursday as she presented her city’s next budget. According to her, this is an increase below the 5.2% inflation rate calculated for Greater Montreal.

“Quebec municipalities are facing unprecedented financial uncertainty and Longueuil is no exception,” said Mr.me Fournier.

The mayor promised that the increase in residential taxes could be much worse, as they would have to represent 12.7% to balance their budget.

“The difference between 12.7% and 4.9% has to be reached through prioritization and cuts in almost all sections of the city,” she explained. What’s more, besides postponing certain appointments, we have directed the city’s general management to slow down some existing projects and put brakes on new initiatives.”

The city’s budget is projected to be approximately $537 million for 2024 and includes $186.4 million for public safety, $67 million for the environment and $19.7 million for development, urban planning and development.

A tax for sustainable mobility

The city of Longueuil also decided to introduce a new tax on sustainable mobility, which will be $17 per assessment unit and $10 per residence.

“To make sure that we build a large enough fund to meet many needs, we decided to add a rate specifically dedicated to mobility, a formula that has already been proven in other municipalities like our neighbor Brossard. », M.me Fournier.

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Owners of non-residential and industrial buildings are subject to an eco-economic tax on parking, which is 33 cents per square meter for the first 3,000 square meters of surface area. The tax will increase by 57 cents for each additional square meter.

Longueuil is not the only municipality in Greater Montreal to raise taxes. In fact, Laval announced a 4.8% increase in property taxes and Montreal 4.9%.

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