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Quebec, Gourmet City: Here are two original diaries to celebrate the arrival of summer!

Quebec, Gourmet City: Here are two original diaries to celebrate the arrival of summer!

Summer is finally here and with it, the sweet pleasure of heading to a dairy bar in nice, warm weather. Some prefer classics like chocolate-dipped soft serve, while others want to find frozen creations that stand out. Here are two original creams that are a real paradise for the sweet tooth.

La Folle Tablée: In the Land of Unicorns

Snack bar Crazy table, in Charlesburg, opened a creamery component in the summer of 2020 to work well amid the pandemic. The success was immediate and the beautiful black chocolate ice cream cones made of edible charcoal took over social networks. But don’t look for black ice this year, it won’t return. “It’s very expensive to produce and not everyone likes it,” explains owner Audrey-Anne Pouliot.

La Folle Tabli relies on its soft pink vanilla ice cream, which is simply tempting.

Vanilla-chocolate ice cream with a pink tint.

Photo by Marian White

We find it in the flagship unicorn cone, whose soft cream is crowned with a gold-painted horn, cute ears, additionally sprinkled with candy. “It’s very Instagram or Pinterest. People come from far and wide for that,” notes the owner, who is also a pastry chef by training.

Delicious homemade dishes

At this eat-with-your-eyes restaurant, home-made delicacies and desserts are also highlighted in sundaes such as luscious brownie, pecan praline or caramel.

Photo by Marian White

I fell for the strawberry-basil cut. It is garnished with strawberries and fresh basil and topped with shortbread crumble and balsamic cream. One word is enough to describe the result: Wow! If you’re looking for something less sweet, this is it.

Slushes have also appeared on the menu and are made with homemade syrup from Quebec fruits (blueberries, strawberries and sea buckthorn).

“Every year, I try to surprise the clients,” says Audrey-Anne, who does a lot of research and development.

Her Japanese-inspired creation, the Melon Pan, resembles an ice cream sandwich. Made with donut dough and covered with cookie dough, it is served warm and topped with soft serve ice cream.

The creamery serves vegan ice cream from a Quebec company, as well as ice cream for dogs with a homemade peanut butter cookie.

8085, Bowl. Henry Bourassa

Open Wednesday to Sunday 9am to 9pm.

Fendel & Lilo: Some Disney in Quebec

On the strength of their successes with Counter Cheese cake Fendel & LiloTwo sisters Micah and Raina Tremblay-Morrisset opened a creamery department on their large property in Loretteville in the summer of 2021.

Liloland, as they are named, is colorful with fuchsia and turquoise. A huge patio behind the ancestral home has a hundred seats. A big fan of Disney, Maïka was inspired by this magical place to create the business environment.

“We want to provide a place for people to break the routine and enter a magical universe where you return to childhood”, image Maïka.

Their main product bubble waffle, A very popular delicacy in Japan. The honeycomb waffle is baked in a mold imported from Asia and topped with ice cream, brownie cubes, crumble and homemade coolies. Kids young and old will love it!

“We found it interesting to offer something hot and crispy along with ice cream,” explains Micah.

For those with less of a sweet tooth, Liloland is offering a savory version starting this summer. The waffle is topped with fried chicken, coleslaw and spicy Thai sauce.

You should also try their layered cut with ice cream, coulis, crumble and fresh fruit. Everything is at home here too.

A sundae from Fendel and Lilo.

Photo provided by Fendel and Lilo

“We are very unique with our cuisine. None were commercially purchased. The taste and quality of the products are important,” she concluded.

A second Liloland has been open since last summer in Cap-Rouge.

2694, Bowl. Bastian; and 955 Jean-Gauvin Road

Open from Tuesday to Sunday

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