July 17, 2024

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Quebec government engineers have suspended a general strike notice

Quebec government engineers have suspended a general strike notice

(Quebec) Engineers hired by the Quebec government will not call for an indefinite strike starting Thursday, according to a notice sent earlier this month.

The October 7 meeting between the Professor’s Association of Engineers of Quebec Government (APIGQ) and its representatives and Treasury Board President Sonia Label indicated that it was possible at this moment to “resolve the stalemate”. Negotiations took place.

APIGQ is represented by 1,770 engineers working in various ministries specifically in transport and environment.

The union, in a press release on Wednesday, recalled that the strike was triggered by the non-implementation of a report on internal engineering skills written by Paul-Arthur Gendreau.

According to the APIGQ, MTo me Label Gendrey expressed his desire to implement the report’s key recommendations, particularly regaining expertise, “especially by reducing unequal use of subcontracting consulting engineering firms”, as we can read in the Union press release.

A negotiation meeting was held on Tuesday and the APIGQ indicated that it was possible to “confirm the new desire to follow the Gendreau report”.

“We decided to give MTo me Label. Naturally, she understood the importance of the Gendriy report for the future of engineering in the Quebec government and we would like to continue the discussions. We are far from an agreement, but we hope that the message from the President of the Consul du Trieser will materialize in the concrete commitments on the negotiating table, ”said APIGQ President Mark-Andre Matin.

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Many aspects are in dispute: salaries, training, professional autonomy, subcontract supervision. These issues were mentioned in the report agreed by the parties during the previous discussions.

This report deals with reward, but also guidance among more inexperienced engineers on projects that are challenging for engineers and projects that can motivate them in their career development.

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