July 20, 2024

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Savings at all costs: Canadians don't like tips much

Savings at all costs: Canadians don't like tips much

While Canadians may be shying away from going out to restaurants, they're paying more attention to saving a few dollars by cutting tips or having an extra meal. Dog bags.

According to a survey powered by the Lightspeed eCommerce platform, one in four Canadians cut the number of tips they give at mealtimes, far more than in other countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom (19%).

67% of Canadians surveyed consider leaving a tip while 54% of them agree that inflation has affected their ability to leave a little money on the bill.

77% of them do not even appreciate messages inviting you to leave a predetermined tip at payment terminals.

In general, nearly half (47%) of Canadians tip between 10 and 15%, while 15% tip less than 10%.

A third (34%) of them also believe that tipping should be eliminated altogether.

Other ways to save

Tipping less isn't the only way to spend less at restaurants. Some Canadians (36%) prefer the opportunity to take advantage of “doggy bag” or “5 à 7” offers (26%).

“Value for money is a top concern for restaurants right now,” said Dax DaSilva, CEO and founder of Lightspeed. “Restaurateurs need to adapt to a cost-cutting environment, but also perceived value.”

For its survey, Lightspeed surveyed 7,500 consumers worldwide in the month of May 2024, including 1,500 in Canada.

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