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Semi-detached: A smart choice for first-time buyers?

Semi-detached: A smart choice for first-time buyers?

There is often a tendency for people to want to invest in a single-family home when they are ready to settle down and start a family.

This is what this reader asked me: “My girlfriend and I have been saving for years to buy our first home. We are hesitating between a single family home or a semi-detached. We are leaning towards a couple, but our entourage discourages us from doing so. Is it a wise choice? Why are opinions divided on this topic?

Semi-detached, also called “semi-detached”, has many advantages that cannot be underestimated. Below are the pros and cons to consider before buying a semi-detached. I hope they help you make your choice!


– A pair is less expensive and saves money.

A strong point of semi-detached homes is that they are, for the most part, less expensive than single-family homes. Not only at the time of purchase, but also in the long run. They make it possible, among other things, to reduce energy costs thanks to the adjacent wall. After all, you share one side of your home with your neighbors, so it costs less to heat.

Additionally, it is also possible to share certain expenses with your neighbors, such as snow removal or grounds maintenance costs. In the same vein, if we think about a yard that’s smaller or a bisected entrance, your home will generally require less maintenance than a single-family home.

– New constructions rely on soundproofing.

This is definitely one of the most common fears when buying a semi-detached. Granted, you’re clearly more likely to hear your neighbors there than in a single-family home. On the other hand, it should be known that adjacent walls, especially for new constructions, are thicker and allow better soundproofing. Generally, this is not something that should hold you back.

– People get more freedom than you think.

Unlike a condo, for example, a semi-detached has no (or few) common areas. Plus, even if you share a wall with your neighbor, they’re really two separate residences. As this work is likely to affect both parts of the building, each part is carried out independently by the owner, except for work to be done on a party wall or ground.


– You risk finding yourself at the mercy of your neighbors.

Obviously, disturbing neighbors you’ve never met can have a very negative impact on the living experience in a semi-detached home. At the time of purchase, you can see what kind of people your neighbors are, but they can move at any time, and then you will not have the opportunity to choose new owners.

– There is less privacy than a single-family home.

Often one shares the yard with other people or, if the yard is very small, there is a greater risk of overhearing one’s neighbors’ conversations. Many people choose to separate the yard with a cedar hedge, for example, which allows for better privacy, but it doesn’t prevent the risk of being heard closer than in the yard of their single-family home.

The end

Admittedly, semi-detached homes are a great option for first-time buyers. They tend to be more spacious while costing less than single-family homes, and this aspect should not be overlooked. It all depends on the type of person you are!

  • Meet your future neighbors before buying for more peace of mind.
  • Find out about split co-ownership if you buy a semi-detached; Independence can be reduced.
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