July 19, 2024

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Silicon Valley supports Joe Biden to create a digital path to success: Report

Silicon Valley supports Joe Biden to create a digital path to success: Report

Silicon Valley’s democratic technology billionaires are stepping down from the presidency to help pave the way for former Vice President Joe Biden’s November victory, according to a report Wednesday.

The Moguls plan to spend millions on not only guiding the technology of President Trump’s campaign, but also funding political news sites, upgrading Democratic data files and launching voter registration drives. The Vox Report.

Four billionaires in particular – LinkedIn’s founder Reed Hoffman, Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskowitz, Steve Jobs’ widow Lauren Powell Jobs and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt – are among the most ambitious plans.

The Biden campaign employs more helpers, creates more online content and builds relationships with Silicon Valley.

“Because the Biden campaign is the Biden campaign,” one Democratic activist told Vox, “what we’re doing on the independent side is more important to hell than ever before.”

While generic democratic donors outside of the tech circuit tend to fund television spots, the Silicon Valley package sees a digitally-centered world that has been dominated by Republicans ever since.

“For far too long, right-wing media has dominated our discourse and Facebook news feeds,” Tara McGowan, founder of Acronym, a political group backed by Powell Jobs and Hoffman, told Vox. “We can’t just sit in another loop and play online unilaterally.”

The Voter Registration Group, the Voter Participation Center, is affiliated with the Voter Information Center and is seeking to raise $ 56 million by June 30 through a secret donor group called Mind the Cape.

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