July 23, 2024

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Smaller school boards are better

Smaller school boards are better

In 1998, Education Minister Pauline Marois opted for the merger of school boards. Their number has increased from 156 to 72.

At the time, the government estimated savings of up to $100 million. Today, in contrast, We cannot be sure that this is so.


On the ground, we have moved from an organization on a human scale to an organization where our presence is reduced to numbers.

We have lost efficiency and prosperity while creating these enormous administrative structures.

In our small school district, it’s easy to talk to the director of human resources. A school principal is not in the service of the institution but in the service of his school. Decentralization is not a dream. Kindness is more than a buzzword. We lived it.


In 2014, Minister Bolduc sought to reduce the number of school boards from 72 to 46.

The idea remains the same: to make structures more efficient and save money. We want to grant more powers to schools rather than school boards.

The project was abandoned by Minister Blais in 2015.


In 2020, Jean-Francois Roberge fulfilled the CAQ’s promise to abolish school boards. He uses the reasons of his ancestors to justify his decision. Like the rest of the story, His bill “orphan” means nothing more It is not linked to any goal of improving achievement and is not subject to any formal evaluation. As proof, its reform is not part of its ministry’s 2019-2023 strategic plan.

In 2023, Bernard Drainville promises to increase capacity.

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Decentralization for the first time in 25 years is wishful thinking, he declared.

It remains to be seen if he has the humility to weigh his good ideas.

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