July 20, 2024

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St. Lawrence Gulf | Quebec says no to oil exploration

St. Lawrence Gulf |  Quebec says no to oil exploration

(Quebec) The Legal government closes its doors to companies’ greed over St. Lawrence’s hydrocarbons.

Patrice Bergeron
The Canadian Press

Alberta companies are looking at the gas potential of the Gulf of St. Lawrence seabed, but Environment Minister Benoit Chart said Wednesday morning that he does not intend to authorize exploration in these fragile ecosystems.

He recalled that it had applied a temporary ban for many years to reassure Quebec Solidar (QS) and Party Cubecois (PQ).

“It is very impossible to explore and exploit the territorial waters,” he assured the minister during the question period.

“There is only one theoretical possibility, but until this suspension is lifted, this theory is unlikely to be proven. The government does not intend to lift the suspension in the future.”

“The temporary ban is temporary,” QS MP Ruba Ghazal replied. Can the Minister make a firm commitment that there will be no oil development in the CAQ government? ”

Because Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Julian did not completely close the door, but suggested it was too early to make a decision on the matter, recalls Sylvain Goudralt, a PQ member for Zonquier.

Benoit Charette tried to reassure: Shortly before the holiday, the government had confirmed the delimitation of several protected areas in maritime territory in areas favored by oil companies.

However, there is a need to negotiate the transfer of the rights of the companies on these funds, which are called claims.

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“There are legal issues, we are in the legal community and they cannot be ignored.”

Destiny An Alberta company called Headwater Exploration in the Old Harry area reported this week that it still has two exploration licenses. Near Îles-de-la-Madeleine. Another company holds eight oil and gas exploration licenses on the lower north coast.

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