July 20, 2024

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Tesla Model Y Juniper: A redesigned version of the first-ever electric SUV?

Tesla Model Y Juniper: A redesigned version of the first-ever electric SUV?

Tesla's most popular model and the only model to qualify for an environmental bonus in France, the Model Y brand has yet to receive the improvements it made to its Model 3 (codenamed Highland) last year.

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The redesigned Model Y, called the Juniper Project, is therefore eagerly awaited by the brand's customers. The camouflaged model was spotted by a certain jackaljack who shared a photo in Pasadena, a suburb of Los Angeles. Reddit, the first Model Y seen could be the Juniper prototype. The user recalled that the latest camouflaged Model 3 Highland prototypes appeared six to seven months before the model was unveiled. Such a period between now and the presentation of the redesigned Model Y is consistent with Elon Musk's latest statements on the matter. X That was last month“No Model Y 'refresh' planned this year.”

This Model Y sports camouflage on both its front and rear. According to Jakljak, its interior is completely hidden, which makes the thesis of a redesigned Model Y prototype very plausible. As a reminder, Tesla's changes to its Model 3 have notably made its front end more modest. They also greatly improved its interior finish quality, provided an entertainment screen for rear passengers and improved the sedan's suspension comfort. Tesla, on the other hand, chose to do away with traditional steering wheel controls that hurt ergonomics. It remains to be seen if the list of modifications made to the Model Y will match those experienced by the Model 3.

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