July 20, 2024

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The chaos sent 11 people to the hospital

The chaos sent 11 people to the hospital

A Delta Airlines flight departing from Milan suffered severe turbulence, forcing 11 people on board to be taken to hospital.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Fox 59 reports, Flight 175 was about 40 miles northeast of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

The Airbus A350 landed safely at the airport just before 7pm.

Delta Air Lines said 11 passengers and crew were taken to hospital. But the condition of the injured is not known.

@HelloAyo Always wear your seatbelt on a plane!! my flight #Delta175 There was intense turbulence and a significant drop, people including myself were thrown from our seats. Several passengers and the majority of flight attendants were injured. We had to make an emergency landing and anyone who wasn’t seriously injured had to stay on the plane until a new flight crew arrived, because you can’t debark without one. A woman flew too high and crashed into an overhead compartment. #Delta #Flight 175 #Emergency landing #deltaflight175 #Wear your seat belt ♬ Original Sound – Helloo

Delta said there were 151 passengers, ten flight attendants and four pilots on board the Airbus, again according to Fox 59.

Delta Care team members are preparing to reach out to customers, Delta said in a statement.

“Our priority is to take care of our injured customers and crew,” the air carrier added.

Delta agents are providing food, lodging and rebookings for customers who escaped Flight 175, the company said.

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