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The system’s failures continue: she waited for 8 hours in front of SAAQ … nothing

The system's failures continue: she waited for 8 hours in front of SAAQ ... nothing

A LaSalle woman left empty-handed for the 4th time after waiting for more than eight hours in front of the SAAQ offices on Saturday to renew her driver’s license.

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“I’m starting to get nervous. My license expires on March 14 and I need to be able to drive. What will happen if I can’t renew it in time?” Elizabeth met Massey. News magazine when the SAAQ offices in LaSalle are closed Saturday.

After trying the offices of Brossard and Saint-Hubert, she returned to the offices of her borough, which she knew was already submerged. Arriving at 8:30 a.m., she hoped to qualify for one of the 110 coupons distributed Saturday.

“Unfortunately, when I arrived, the line was already several meters long. People arrived at 5:30 in the morning and brought their camping chairs! Ms. Messi is amazed at the chaos created by SAAQ’s new system.

Because she has been trying to renew her license since February 3 to no avail. Appointments were completed until May, she was clearly frustrated.


Minutes from the finish, Elizabeth Messi and six others were still hoping to secure a spot. But at 3:45 p.m., a security guard asked them to vacate the premises, much to the dismay of those who had waited in the cold for several hours.

“Employees have already done two hours of overtime today for most of the day. They are not done, they have yet to close their fund and they still have a lot of work to do. Unfortunately, we cannot pass everyone,” the employee pointed out to the irate customers.

A person came forward to protest but tried to negotiate but to no avail. But the employee was ambivalent: the offices were closed for the day. We will have to come back next time.


“It doesn’t make sense. Does that mean I have to sleep here to renew my license? “Elizabeth Massey laments the hours spent waiting for nothing.

According to the SAAQ website, an appointment lasts about ten minutes. However, Ms. According to Messi, the appointments will be longer.

“I have to wait in the queue for hours. I eat very little, just coffee! And you have to take turns to go to the toilet,” she adds.

No one learned from last summer’s passport crisis, as the same problem recurred this year on SAAQ’s side, nearly a year later, blaming a LaSalle resident.

She will try her luck again next Saturday, just days before her driving license expires.

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