July 23, 2024

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“They left without us”: Flight crew forgets three passengers in wheelchairs

"They left without us": Flight crew forgets three passengers in wheelchairs

Three passengers in wheelchairs who had to wait to board the plane before boarding were reportedly left on the tarmac despite calling the airport's special assistance service on Friday.

“I don't know whose fault it is in all this, but I want to make sure others don't find themselves in a similar situation. Our boarding passes were scanned, my checked baggage was on board. They must have known we were coming, right?” British author Liz Weir, one of the forgotten trio, lamented to “The Independent” on Monday.

At 1pm last Friday, a 73-year-old woman with heart problems was scheduled to fly from Belfast, Northern Ireland to Edinburgh, Scotland, when easyJet airline made him wait with two others that evening. Passengers in wheelchairs.

Except after the normal boarding was completed, the woman would have gone down the stairs to board, when the pilot had indicated to her that this was not possible.

Moments later, the plane took off in front of the shocked gazes of the three passengers with luggage on board.

“You always say, 'Oh, they're not going to leave us without,' but they did. I was upset because I had to get on this plane to go to my event that I missed. People have bought tickets and they're waiting there for me,” she sighed to the BBC.

For their part, easyJet has apologized to the three passengers, indicating that they will be compensated for the incident, but an investigation has been launched to understand how they were left behind, even though they were accompanied by D Special Assistance. Airport.

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“We are truly sorry […] We urgently contacted the supplier and our ground support team to understand why this happened. Our team looked after them and provided them with refreshment vouchers while they waited for their new flight,” said a spokesperson, according to “The Independent”.

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