July 20, 2024

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Things are brewing at QUB Radio: Mulcair and Lisi attack each other

Things are brewing at QUB Radio: Mulcair and Lisi attack each other

“I think things are getting messy this morning, I’m asking you for a little discipline.” With these words Richard Martino Started an hourly meeting with Jean-Francois Lisy and Thomas Mulcair Friday

Host of QUB Radio Experience enough to sense what’s going on in between Thomas Mulcair and Jean-Francois Lisy. And he wasn’t wrong.

“Thom is talking directly about me and he has facts that contradict reality,” he immediately declared Jean-Francois Lisy.

At the center of the dispute between the two men was a column written by the former NDP leader in the Journal de Montreal that discussed the niqab. Thomas Mulcair It confirms that some politicians maintain a unifying discourse while others seek to divide. And to prove his point, Mr. When Mulcair ran for the leadership of the Parti Québécois in 2016, he appears to have taken direct aim at the former politician.

“From my perspective I know what’s at stake here,” he said Thomas Mulcair.

  • Also listen to the other disagreement of the week between two people on QS during the podcast Richard Martino Audio and video will be available on the platform QUB Radio :

The least we can say is that we rarely hear of such a stormy encounter between the two men. And it remains to be seen whether this tussle will really end before the Press Council.

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